Tactics to Increase Comments on Your Blog

If you have considerable amount of experience on the creation on content, then you are most liable to have a look at these types of articles before. The articles similar to these are typically filled with high profiled words such as “a call to action” or “or write attractive content” and then there would different ways to perform them. The idea of asking your reader to comment more profoundly should be understood very deeply. I would be assuming you have all preferred knowledge and would expect more actions.

The importance of comments

The importance of user-generated contents is known to everyone and with these comments you are only responsible for the fresh content on your site. The importance of user-generated content and the high search engine rankings are pity closely related, as the value for the fresh content is more. These types on contents on a page create more engagement and build your community on the web. In addition, irrespective of the amount of research you end up doing, you will have some of the phrase on your landing page. The user-generated comments brings in significant advantages with themselves like the long-tail keywords, here is an example of such:

The text that is highlighted here is a copy from one the pages. It is a piece from the comments on the bottom of the page. Even Google has shown that they are determined that these comments are very much relevant to the pretext of search, which includes texts, that the webmaster did not give importance. However, the page might have got the ranking without the inscribed comments but these results show the importance of user generated keywords, which are taken into account by the Google itself. In the competitive scenario you would probably need some edges to get away.

You might have the relevant experience of landing on the comment section to get a few answers to your question by either pressing the combination of ‘ctrl + F’ or by manually searching through the comments. The user-generated comments can give importance to the whole article in particular.

Call for action

May be in your terms the user generated comments do not have importance and you are here because you want to read article which are much different from the others posted around the web. Over the years, I have gathered enough information, which has been used to attract audience on various gaming communities such as Nintendo, Magic the Gathering and Gama of thrones. I have picked up some important point relevant to these communities, which I will be sharing here.

1. Do not make it difficult for the audience to make the comments.

You need to reconsider some of the required fields on your website or the CAPTCHA images that may seem very hard to read or solve. Try to have a look on each of the fields from your prospective and ask yourself a question ‘if they are really required?’ You should also remember that many users tend to a little careful before giving out their email address, for they do not want to share their data with anyone else. You might give them the option to just ‘login’ via their Twitter or the Facebook id. Apart from their username or e-mail id, you should leave all other information for it may not be as important in pretext of comments.

2. The placements of the comments section

The comments section is required to be below all the blogs post, your author bio, various social bottoms, and other article section. The position of the ads are also important so as the page views and others but if you are serious about generating a serious discussions about your community then you are liable to give more importance to the comments section and assign a more prominent position to it on the page section.

3. The social login bottoms

If you are serious about people commenting on your blogs then you should give them an option to comment using their existing social profile ids. If you happen to running the wordpress then you can do this by installing few widgets in your blog. Simple Facebook Connect will give you all the necessary things and its twitter version will do the same. If you are hoping for more comprehensive solution to the social login option then Social Login will be perfect. The social login options tend to vary on the customized CMS and the developer instructions from the Facebook and Twitter will be quite beneficial. Some blogs also tend to use the Discuss comment system.

This social login option not only gives one-click login option to the users but it also gives the users an avatar as long as they surf around the website. Comments when come from traceable person tend to be more important as compared to those coming from some unauthorized users. It also gives your page an option to be shared by one of the users.

4. Rankings, profiles and the awards

The ego bait required in the link building campaign does required in here as well in the community building section. The award system, in-depth profiles and commenter rankings are excellent means to encourage your readers to visit your page on a repeated basis.

The top Contributors plugin from the WordPress will showcase all the top commenter for your blog an affection from you side. All this will encourage the users to comment more on your blog.

5. Take part in the conversation

This is no rocket science that you are required to respond to the comments received on your blog. If you took so much time to write the articles you should be present there to finish it as well. You can even extend the conversations by posting some questions from your side as well.

The author comments should be highlighted so that they stand out from the others around. This will mean the users will start paying in more attention to the comments posted from your side. In addition, this will also mean that the author takes to value the readers of its site. It sends a good impression to your readers. The thing is that the posts with more comments are entitled to receive more comments. The difference between a post with no comment and a post with as many comments is very high. The comment from each user tends to stand out differently and signifies a new line of discussion. You can help the chain of discussion extend more by pouring in quality comments from your side.

6. Give an email notification

If you have received the email id from a user who also contribute to your site on an average basis, then you will never want to lose such reader. You should be able to give some notification about the comments you receive from other member of the site. Most users will love to get a thoughtful reply to their contributed comment on the site. You should have the relevant tab applied on your blog.

For wordpress enabled site you can try Comment Reply Notification, if you are looking forward to add this feature on your website. You can choose to alert everyone on the thread or even limit it to a personal reply. You can even let the users choose for themselves with a simple checkbox when they post their reply.

7. Tracking the progress

Many of the blogs have this feature enabled for the new comments but for the larger sites this may pose in few problems. One simple means to track the progress is to set up Google Analytics goal association with the new comment, there are many instructions of how to do this. Then you would get the required tracking by many means. Using the Raven GA config tool you can set up GA event tracking.

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