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Frequently asked

How long will it take to get a new website?

It normally takes 8-12 weeks to design and code a custom website. This time is just indicative, it might be less or more depending on complexity of design, availability of content & website features.

We are in different time zones, how will we collaborate?

Whenever we start a new project, the weekly meetup times are fixed to suit your availability. Sometimes this may mean that we have to get up early or stay up late. But thanks to technology and the internet, remote collaboration has become almost seamless.

Do you work on a project basis or as agency on record?

We normally take up full projects with a clearly defined brief, budget and timeline.

How do you make websites unique for every client?

Our creative process allows us to produce a coherent vision of the design challenge and come up with new ideas so that each project is approached differently. We constantly look for nuances in the client’s business, product, the user and the strategy to come up with unique ways to answer the same questions.

Do you specialise in creating websites for any particular industry?

Though we may have more clients in one industry than in others, we never really let that affect our work. All the work we produce is part of a well defined creative process, and so the outcome is consistent no matter the industry or business.

Will I be able to review and approve the work as the project progresses?

Yes, in fact we encourage it. Our clients are an integral part of the whole creative process and are involved in every step of the way. From creating the brief, to reviewing the wireframes, commenting on the UI and finally testing the code, our clients are involved in every stage. We don't work in a silo and always collaborate with our clients closely through detailed project plans and workflows.

How will my project be managed?

Once we are onboard, the project manager creates a detailed workflow using our cloud based project management tool. All deliverables are broken down into tasks which are assigned to different team members along with deadlines. Weekly review meetings ensure that everyone is on-board with edits and changes. All files, comments and feedbacks are shared centrally so no one misses out.

What all do you need from me before starting the project?

Before we flag off we require a clear creative brief along with the detailed list of features & functionality. We also need to know the stakeholders on the project and the availability of content. Apart from that we need your trust and enthusiasm as we start a new creative journey together :)

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