How to Fix 15 Commonly Made Mistakes While Blogging – Part II

In the last week we found out some commonly made business blogging related mistakes. We are in a position to provide remaining business blogging blunders and things that are required to be done in order to address them.

Common Blogging blunder # 9- Speeding up with Blog Titles

It has been commonly noticed that you are in speeding up phase at the time of creation of content for your blog and you generally get forget to create an impressive title for it. Headlines play an important role in the creation of any sort of content. Mostly it is of 2-3 words which describe the whole content of your page. Most of the viewers generally scan it in order to decide whether they are required to read it or not.

In order to create interest and ensure that the viewer finds the page interesting you need to aim and build titles for your blogs clear, actionable and definitive. Strive and incorporate imperative and brief keywords as you have only few seconds of time to capture one’s attention.

Common Blogging blunder # 10 – Not sufficient content

Another major blunder which business blogs do is not searching for supplementary source for the development of content. It is always great if one shows its expertise through unique content as it’s also simple to jog out of thoughts, as your viewers can get extra knowledge from other writers.

In order to spread the content of your blog you can consider the example from the guest posts. You can even provide content keeper which means you combine same videos and stories in a single place which assists viewers to seek all information at one place. Employees can also be encouraged for their contribution as it is good to have various authors in the creation of blog.

Common Blogging blunder #11 – Non Optimization for leads

It is almost hard to believe that the blogs which have been posted have no call to action. If the optimization of blog has not been done by you with offers and no transparent call to action has been made then you are in a position to lose the opportunity of lead generation. Make sure to have transparent CTA in all the posts of yours and think about having a enduring CTA on the sidebar or at the top of your content.

Following are the inclusion of call to action: product focused deals (30 day trial without any cost) or content focused offer (webinar, e book at no cost).The e book can be reviewed for extra materials related to placement.

Common Blogging blunder #12 – Not providing your posts on social networks

It is quite easy for the one to carve o post place it online and not keeping in mind about it. By not providing your content on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn you will be in a position to lose large chunk of viewers. In order to tackle this you can share fresh content on your business social networking profile. You also require to make is flexible for the viewers to contribute to your posts with their different online friends with the inclusion of a share button on every post.

Common Blogging blunder #13 – Ignorance of analytics of your blogs

It is quite often that you keep glowing with your fresh content without keeping in mind to check whether your blogs are successfully catching the viewers or not. Not keeping in track for this can result in losing your audience. Perfect reviewing of visitor’s data on blog can assist you to decide what types of posts are gaining popularity or what not.

Glance at data like visit source, total number of site visits, bounce rates, page views, inbound links and keywords that attracted large traffic to view the inside page.

Common Blogging blunder #14 – Non-testing of blog elements

Same methodology is used to write all the posts-similar call to action, similar kind of design and everything. Keeping in mind the work which you do is not an appropriate way to move towards creation of your company’s blog. If something has not been tested properly one will not be able to know whether it works or not. Negligence on the parts like designing, call to action, headline and subscription signup can lead to lose the important data which can help in the improvement of your blog.

In order to overcome with this problem you are required to make use of varied titles. You need to work whether inclusion of number can make the blog more interesting or inclusion of different colors, sizes, placement, language or format can.

Common Blogging blunder #15 – Expectation of overnight victory

This is considered to be the common and importunate blunder in the area of blogging. Someone truly said that Rome was not constructed in one night. Similarly, success requires time along with effort. Regrettably many companies start blogging and did not notice the positive outcome rapidly and so the blog gets discarded. The chance of constructing a fresh foundation of web traffic and lead does not prevail.

One should remember that giving up is not the solution of the problem. You need to be patient enough to observe fresh prospects and generation of lead from your blog. We hate to set a time frame but it takes around a year to build up the resource that receiving great and continuous traffic.

We definitely advise to check HubSpot’s e-book for further information. This post is basically a summary of common blunders and what is required to do to overcome them. For further details on correction of these types of blunder we advise you to get e book downloaded on your computer.

From the above mentioned list are there any blunder occurred which take hold of your attention?

If any extra remedial measures have been taken by you that made you find extra engagement and traffic?

Please feel free to contribute…

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