Why Do the Search Results Not Show the Videos?

Helping out the people who use the Video SEO plug-in, it is found that some of the sites get “hit” which generally “does not have the effect of the video page.” Although it is a rare phenomenon but it is good to have fast hand information about those page and what should one do about that.

After the installation of this video SEO plug-in, few things generally happen, usually after waiting for a week or two:

It works and most commonly the thumbnail of video starts showing the results of universal search.

For some users it would generally work-out but it shows problems for other videos. The good thing is that all videos can be found in the search results of the video tab.

That are the only two options for which people encounter and try to see that in which site their plug-in works such as it generates the video sitemap of good XML and it detects all the videos. And the most encouraging fact is that Google does not show any video in its search results. Although one has to go on wondering and searching for the second best option. What’s the difference between the post that it does not give the treatment and the post that Google shows in the video snippet?

Research in video SEO: why it does not work sometimes

The web-pages where Google was not showing the video snippet are all shared by one trait that is they are all pages of heavy content. That is why thinking about all those is natural and what would be the reason of Google for not showing the video results but the result in a normal text form.

Then hit it: what are all the posts which contain the video but are not getting the video snippet in search results generally have in common is the video isn’t the primary content in the web page. The videos are “added on” as an extra bonus of the sorts and not being the primary piece of the web page. It does make sense for Google for not opting to show the video snippet when the users or the viewer get that in actual image or textual content along with the video being the tiny or small portion of that page.

The solution to get the videos back in the video search results

The solution is rather simple in this case. Although it is a hard balance to get: Google still does not understand about the video itself, thus there is a need for some content around the resulted video for better understanding about the video and what it is all about. Give it 200 to 300 words or some meaningful tags and an enticing title and you can easily go a long way there.  In this theory, if contents are the transcription of videos then it should not hurt you, but the thing is that it is not tested yet.

Whenever a video is created for it is good if it has contents attached to it. Viewers would find it interesting and useful. Before creating any video it is advised to think about the content that you are going to add with it. It is very difficult to keep the attention of the viewers so it is better if the video is short. On an average the video should be around four minutes. It is good if the video is more interactive such as if it contains some questions for the viewers or you can also ask their email address to send them newsletters.

Now if it is a long content or video then it can be created in two posts rather than just one. And while doing that one has to make the judgment call: if the site is good enough to be ranked with the two results in top 10 for the given query then one must target the same keywords. One might get the text results and the video results in same search of the result page.

If the site is not strong enough to be ranked with the results of the texts, you can optimize the post of the video to target the keyword as well as the link from the post of the content to video results. One also might boost his/her own video consequence in the search results since the ranking with the video is much easier than the ranking with the text results.

Make sure to use “video” word in the title

Related to all the above given tips, one of the very simple tips: it is necessary to make sure that the word “video” is used in the title of the post that contains the video and it is good if the word video is used a couple of times. People are searching actively for the contents of the video very often, so make sure they would find your video.

The last tip and the fact that one should not post too much content which makes the viewer confused. In the functionality of the page analysis in the Word Press SEO plug-in which is required for the Video SEO plug-in will actually give a slightly wrong hint in this regard, and it urges you for writing longer content while the shorter content is actually beneficial. If one opts for the latest version of both the plug-in, then the functionality of the page analysis will provide you hint regarding the length on the content and it will also hint to use the video word in the title.

Video SEO is likely to give search results on the first page than the traditional techniques. Google is hereby pushing videos directly on top of the search results by creation of goldmines for the marketers. In this way, results start appearing while some publishers are succeeding to get more than 25 % of the videos for displaying the same in the results of the first page.

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