5 Methods to Attract Your Customers and Get Bigger Budgets

You need to know whether your client likes you or not, to know whether they really, truly, and honestly appreciate you as a person.

The likeability factor can bring up bad or good memories of their lives as these can actually affect the work relationship or success of any project. Many of you may not agree with this who believes that their work will prove them. But the mindset can toss you for may be a month or years of working simultaneously together.

Let us take an example of a small story.

A consultant is a part of official meetings where the potential clients can be asked as to why they are coming up to the consultants even when they are having good metrics. In this case, a simple response came into view that they want to know and explore other possible alternatives.

The indifferent statements have made a loop for us. How the companies are not satisfied and happy with their success? In this case, handwork may not work as the sole reason but another factor is whether you are truly liked by the customers or not.

This is not a reason to get discouraged anyway. All the successful projects are not necessarily the lost causes. There are many simple tact and skills for project management which would get the clients to like your system and features which will help you to keep them around you for a long period of time.

1.Hit or target ground running

In the beginning every project seems to be very exciting but rocky time. The first impression matters the most, so it is recommended not to ruin it by any cost. Everyone would like to start their project by delivering the piece of quick wings in the initial days. The piece aims at identifying the issues related to the sides which take minimal resource to fix. This has a big impact.

No need to worry for making this piece which is involved which is taking more time to get completed. The main focus should lie on showing the new customers that they have made right decision as they have chosen you for keeping them busy.

Why they will love you:

  • You get the work done quickly.
  • You have already identified and explored big opportunities.
  • Confirming that they made correct decision by involving you on.

2.      Collaborate and pre deliver

You must pre deliver half of your work by collaboration with the clients to get it right presently and find the reason of spending exorbitant amount of energy and time on the part of work which the client will shred later which they are looking for if it is plausible to implement. You can save yourself from huge headache as well as consider the guess work which would fit to it. By mailing the contact details you can get in throughout the process of feedback, comments, and complaints. In addition to this, by pre delivering one can ask their clients whether there is anything they have been thinking to push through or buy in for. And if it is so, you can include it. You can gain loyalty points as well as trust of the customers by giving your contact details in the required area.

Why they will love you:

  • They will feel involved throughout the process.
  • You can deliver pertinent recommendations by confirming the great ideas which will bring along.
  • You can help to get their objectives considered and pushed through immediately.

3. Call the client

There are no chances for “may be” in it, when it comes to calling the client. Tom Critchlow has taught that proper communication has solved many problems. The simple and convenient act of using the phone and calling the client or customer unannounced have earned positive results as you can speak as freely as you can and help them to bring out their frustration, ambition etc. These sessions can become the sessions of great bonding for the client as well as for you also.

Why they will love you:

  • Calling the clients unannounced shows that you care for them.
  • You are sharing the similar project in which you can try to work together and find convenient resolution.

 4.      Visit the client to make them feel relaxed

This project management to get your clients useful tips can make them feel more and more involved as it leads to big effects. You can go and talk to your clients face to face and not just a voice as in the phone. It can help you to win over on the clients by giving them a scheduled visit or arranging pre planned vacation or conference travelling.

By meeting the clients and seeing them in their eyes can do wonders. You can also ask your clients out for a free treat or drink which will make them feel that you are also a good person otherwise. By the unscheduled calls you can get new prospective of issues they might be dealing with, in this way you can know your clients outside work.

Why they will love you:

  • Visit your clients in person to show commitment.
  • You are fun! You also have life outside the work which shows them a bit more of you. There are chances of sharing a common habit or nature.
  • They will see you face to face and it will gain you trust.

 5.      Do the work which have not even asked for

The last bit can get the people thinking as to why you work voluntarily for them for free. To go beyond and above your clients you may have to put some extra efforts thus by doing extra work for them.

Whether it is completing extra competitors to outreach a blogger who have forgotten to put a link. In this way, you can show the clients that the contract is not the only thing which matters but counting them getting success does.

Why they will love you:

  • You are doing free work for them.
  • You have taken initiative for betterment of your client.
  • You will provide bigger opportunities.
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