3 Proven Ways Keep Visitors Stay On Your Website For Long

After loads of coffee and hours of discussion, we have finally been able to list top 3 points that will make the visitors to your website remain on it for longer duration. We really hope these pointers work for you, like they have worked for our other clients:

Form a solid marketing message:

In a world where ease of use doesn’t mean sacrificing attractiveness and copied content can get your website discarded, crafting the catchy pitch on what your company does sets the right tone. The marketing message gives your website some key points on why your company is unique and resonates with existing and prospective clients.  This optimum  combination of communication and business function, when defined through an appealing visual impact, creates a close relationship with each of your visitors and responds effectively to their needs. Some websites not only overlook the need to establish any marketing connection, but are made with such low standards that they rank tall in worse websites ever launched.

Be upfront:

People come to your website to find something that interests them. They shouldn’t be expected to click around beyond an expected level to find the desired information. Bad navigation leads to over/less exposure of what you offer and instead diverts the mind of the reader. Some websites lists hundreds of links on the home page to accommodate a lot of content, and fail miserably.

Try multimedia, but don’t get overboard:

Multimedia, when used smartly, does help to hold viewers’ attention for a few minutes. Your readers might not be interested in reading a 500-words description of your company’s history, but they may like to go through it if it’s presented in an interactive way. There’s no harm in experimenting with embedding slide show presentations, video clips and even podcasts to determine which techniques are more successful in ensuring a longer stay by visitors. However, try to refrain from overdoing or getting lost along the way. These proven ways should help improve the overall performance of your website, but you may still need to speak to a professional website design company do an analysis of your site and find how losses can be prevented.

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