Why you need a Responsive Website

Today the web is not limited to our desktops alone. Smart phones and tablets are now loaded with more and more computing power, better browsers and clearer displays. Hence, the global mobile web traffic has been growing exponentially and now constitutes over 10% of the total web traffic. India in particular has over 48% of the traffic from its large internet user base coming from different mobile devices. What this means is that people are accessing more and more websites over their iphones, ipads, androids, smartphones and tablets. Now the question is , should we be building apps for everything? Well not really because the answer is ‘Responsive’.

A Responsive website is a single website which adapts to different devices and gives a different viewing experience, easy reading , navigation etc. across a wide range of devices with a wide range of resolutions.


A responsive design ensures that no matter from where your user accesses your website, he always has a great experience browsing it.
If the traffic on your website is coming from mobile devices then it is in your business interest to get a responsive website.A responsive website allows your brand experience to be consistent across medias and devices. Building different websites suited for different devices will involve loads of time, effort and most importantly extra bucks. All this can easily be saved upon by investing in a Responsive Website.
So why get a responsive website, simple –

  1. To reduce cost
  2. To get better performance in Google searches
  3. To enhance the viewing experience of your website on mobile devices
  4. To make the brand experience consistent on different media
  5. To reduce time and effort

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