Synchronizing Your Social Media Workforce

At this moment, there is a lot of discussion in which reasons are advanced for and against the dissimilarities between Social Media Marketing and Guest Blogging outreach as far as SEO purposes are concerned.

Though we are not going to give our opinion here on the issue of the debate, yet we think that due importance should be given to this issue as the two areas mentioned herein are seriously interlaced, and both of them claim equal importance. Actually, what we intend to mean is that although both aspects are social in an inherent manner, yet, there is a consequential insularity between these two aspects. The storming points supporting the hypothesis in this context are:

  1. We are astonished to see that besides guest blogging outreach, most of the SEO organizations aren’t chartering charge of their client’s social networking. It clearly emphasizes that the articles are required to be social in order to get the maximum grip on outreach. Placement and promotion of these articles should be made through social networks. It’s a question whether you can trust on the in-house team of your client to share and encourage promotion of these guest articles and to report you about fresh articles and new PR leads. You lose interest in accessing to social accounts in case this is not done.
  2. Secondly, the lack of involvement of the social media representatives with SEO and outreach thing takes me aback. Social media is entrusted with sharing content irrespective of the fact that it is “liking” a link, or one that is “retweeting”.  Being a recognizable brand, your SEO team and outreach team will be regularly moving with content for you in the form of guest blogging and they should do it in an embracing way. In spite of knowing all this, some social media marketers with little knowledge have trivial attentiveness for guest blogging.

As far as social media management and content outreach for SEO are concerned, we think that a rational combination of these two will not only bring forth the good benefits of conflated efforts, but it will also bring a result up to a desired level.

So how it is possible to get people on the same page?

Assemble both teams in the same room

We think that ideally getting both teams in the same room is an effective step to begin with. Taking it into cognizance that your act of outsourcing to different agencies may place the larger companies in difficulty, but we believe this to be the place from where the communication requires commencing. Instead of bringing these people over Skype, or through email, you should endeavor to get introductions made in person by letting these people talk. Both teams should be given opportunity to explain how their jobs can be combined benefitting the brand.

The same brand-voice should be tuned in mind

To reap success, you are required to assure that both teams are highly educated having extensive information about the process that would help your brand to be interpreted. In case, the social media team is aiming at teenagers, but the content outreach from your end is made for business blogs, then you’re missing the sense of unifying your objectives. Getting them on the same page you bring them into an agreement to follow statistic characterizing the target people, which, in turn, produce benefit for you both.

Regular communication to improve combination usability

Nothing can retain deriving you benefits if it’s not practiced regularly. Making serious efforts at the starting point and then losing it later would be of no use. Be assured that everyone as well as the key team members is sticking to the same page and for this you have to organize audio conferencing at a regular interval. There you can report new development, new PR leads, innovative ideas and your latest experience in working out some challenges.

Have your pre-written notes ready

Be sure to keep notes pre-written and such as to enable yourself to have a brief list of points to cover. You should keep someone to attend the in-house calls suggesting you on relevant products, events, or important news.

Share what you get on the way

Teams involved together bring success. The SEO team should let the social team know if it sees that a big article is awaiting promotion. On the contrary, the social team should share information with the SEO team in case bloggers are interacting. Sharing generates leads.

Leave a bit to get a bit more

Truly speaking, it is not unmanageable to bring everyone on the same page in case you agree to believe that a little bit of ‘give’ can earn more ‘take’ from the other end. Instead of separate teams, think of working together in collaboration each other. Your cooperation is always plays an excellent role to develop every aspect of the marketing. Actually, by sharing you are caring for your own benefits.

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