The Uncube

The Airbnb for office space

The UnCube is an online platform and also a mobile app that offers temporary office space for people on the move. Think of it as the Airbnb for office space. It aggregates possible work places in restaurants, cafes, co-working spaces etc. and lets you book these on an hourly basis.

Wibe was commissioned to design multiple UI screens for the responsive desktop application and the mobile app. The Uncube team was a cross-functional one compromising of the client, the developers and us, the designers. To have minimum iterations & maximum productivity we kept the workflows agile and synced our deliverables with the sprints of the development team. This ensured seamless collaboration and on-time design delivery.

The product was a huge success and from what we've heard it's just been acquired by CoWrks, one of India's largest co-working space providers.

Userflow design

Medium Fidelity Wireframing

High Fidelity Prototype

Responsive UI Design for Desktop Application

UI Design for Mobile App Screens

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