Benefits of Submitting Effective Guest Posts in Your SEO Strategy

If you are not completely aware of the recent SEO market changes, let me update you with it. Ranking in search engines has become much harder and a tedious process. Google has already signaled that SEO or link building, whatever you are doing to get to the top, should be more of carefully crafted process. Bulk submission is not an option any more. It should be more of a high quality natural link building process. Thus working with guests posts are more often recommended as they long term, effective and provide you with good rankings all together.

It helps you generate easy traffic, create effective buzz and also generate brand awareness by providing your own words and ideas to another website. This is a major reason why one should include guest posts to their link building campaigns and reap the benefits! Here are a few reasons to why one should start thinking of guest posting.

1.      Increased traffic

Although one of the major reasons of doing guest posts is to increase rankings, one thing is for sure. Guest posting will allow you to generate more buzz about your brand and help build a credible awareness about your website and help bring in more traffic. It helps to bring hundreds of increased visitors through creation of excellent, good quality postings that has the power to engage a reader. A good guest post will be liked by a certain group of people or community that spreads further to another group of people quickly through the word of mouth. One person refers to another about your good work done and the cycle continues. This helps you creating potentially spread brand awareness for your website to a huge number of audience by posting or writing about other companies. If the purpose is to create a major awareness among people and you are trying to build a list of emails that you want your post be sent, then guest posting is very effective.

2.      Targeting Wider Audience

If your main objective is to build credibility for your website and bring a huge amount of traffic, then guest posts are the way to go. Even after several quality guest posts, you are not able to see any positive change, do not get discouraged. Guest posts are an excellent way of getting your website online to readers who will not only become aware of it more, but it will slowly start building your brand. Your motto should be to sustain long term. If you are looking for short cuts to getting your website on top, you will eventually just get hit by Panda and Penguin updates. As more people eventually come to know about you and your good work through quality guest postings, they will start offering you to write for them that will not only build awareness for you and your website, but help them create a strong online profile.

3.      Authority Building

Due to Google algorithm shuffle and major recent updates like the Google Penguin Update, more SEOs have started to depend upon guest posting. It builds more credibility and is more authentic. No spamming there. This also helps achieve better rankings. It is more of a natural linking than any other techniques one can imagine. It is long lasting and will have more positive effects on your SEO campaign. Gone are the days when one can just create tons of shoddy links. They can be quite sure to receive the Penguin penalty from Google. This is a very good white hat technique one can work them into.


Guest posting is the best SEO strategy one could think of. SEO firms, who are unaware of this update, must quickly start working with these kinds of link building techniques as they have a more long lasting effect on one’s SEO campaign. Guest posting is not only a very relevant link building technique, but it also allows the SEOs to be safer from Google Penguin and Panda updates. If you are in need of a good SEO service, it is advised to choose from high quality branded SEO agencies who know how to get real results.

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