With Google’s Penguin 3 Update – You Need Not Fear the Penguin

Penguin 3 is Google’s newest update to its search algorithm which is the third huge iteration of its kind, introduced on October 5th, this year. A refresh on Penguin will affect 0.3 per cent of searches on Google that were noticed in the next day.

The announcement was made on the recent Weather report Tweet by Google’s Matt Cutt.

Here is a synopsis of the weather report:

Data refresh program Penguin to be launched with .3 per cent English queries to be affected. Details are available on http://goo.gl/AF5kt Signed out Matt Cutts, October 5, 2012.

In a fight against spam websites and other data links, Google has launched this data refresh. The first update from Penguin was released on the 24th of April, 2012 that followed with an iteration of the v1 of Penguin on May 25, 2012. There was supposed to be a significant decrease in the search ranking changes and the April update was said to have a 3.1 per cent effect on searches as compared to the 0.3 per cent at this time.

Most of us are interested in identifying the true definition of Google for noticeable changes in search results that help in understanding the number of search results that are likely to be affected by the update. Google ensures that there is no noticeable difference in the website rankings in any switch. So, a change in a website ranking position with any other position can be considered as noticeably different ranking.

Most websites vying for the top five positions should consider the volumes of all websites that will be affected by the 0.3 per cent change in the search rankings. This is perhaps great news for the person who is interested in performing a great SEO campaign. Google still claims that there is a sought of a friendly fire with webmasters for every update on Google. Most webmasters swear that they use organic and ethical tactics for SEO but see their SERPs rankings drastically drop.

It is possible that an entire post could be dedicated towards staying safe for Google, but it would be advisable to only concentrate on the best quality content and not buying links for earning them. Invest your efforts in building high quality content techniques that are like marketing for content, building communities and fostering relationships with bloggers in the industry. All this will assure your safety in Google.


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