Top 10 Web Design Trends 2014 ……… Revealed!!!

Below are some of the top trends in website design that we feel will make waves in 2014.

  1. Responsive Adaptation – After making it real big in 2013, the responsive/adaptive website design trend is likely to get bigger and better this year. A responsive website ensures that you have one website for every screen. As mobile Internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014, so will the mobile search. Hence a single responsive website optimised for all devices will ensure that you run and manage only one SEO campaign. So go ‘R’.
  2. Flat, flatter, flattest – That’s right Flat designs will rule. After IOS 7 put flat design out there, everyone now appreciates its simplicity and swagger. So yes, 2014 will see website designs getting flatter not just in color themes but also in layouts and content.
  3. SVGed– With Responsive and Flat designs gaining ground, SVG will be used more and more as it not limiting like the bitmap. So the movers & shakers will increasingly use a code and not a font or an image to create the cool block-color illustrations for the web.
  4. Pimp my site – Rich media was slowly crawling up in 2013. But now it will make a run for its money. Big full-screen images, Parallax scrolling, Big HTML5 Videos,  CSS Animation, HTML5 canvas animation, page transitions, experimental typography, will all grow at an alarming pace. Will Flash come back? You never know.
  5. Small is Big – Pay big attention to the small things, Micro UX is the way to go. Small things like menu animation, transitions and hover states are aimed at surprising the user and making the experience simply great.
  6. Sliders, slowly sliding away – The image slider appearing in the Big header area is increasingly being replaced by a single impactful image with little text. These large hero areas (a term used in print design) are becoming the websites center piece and attention grabbers.
  7. Drama queens – Gaussian Blurs, instagram effects and color overlays will give images the much needed drama in 2014. Image effects and manipulation will make 2014 websites come alive.
  8. Just keep scrolling – Long scroll websites will continue to remain popular as they present great advantages like easy navigation, reduced bandwidth and better UX. Ofcourse they will get smarter by using better content and more creative designs.
  9. A video speaks a thousand words – Who wants to read when one can watch. Yep, more and more websites will now use videos where they were earlier using text. As videos become easier to produce, edit and share . Testimonials,  DIY’s, product usage etc. will all come in the form of videos.
  10. Interesting Typography – move overused typeface, enter personality. Ahha 2014 will see the use of fonts with real personality that can make a design stand out. Experimental fonts will carry the whole website design on their shoulders and make 2014 websites shine.  

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