How to Choose an Ideal SEO Firm?

While strolling through the jungle of SEO, that internet has a lot to offer us, but be careful not to step on some of the poisonous snakes. ‘Poisonous snakes’ refers to cheap and not so good SEO firms that are not worth the money, especially when it comes to ranking and your site health. Since more than 60% of SEO traffic prefers to click on links that are present on first page of the SERPs, one should target to get on the first page of any search engine, especially the ‘Google’. Although SEO is a tedious and complicated process, it is well advised to SEO lovers to choose from more popular SEO service providers who would work with only white hat SEO techniques and settle for nothing less. Beware of SEO scams and companies who claim to provide the best SEO services alike. They might not be the best for you after all. So the lesson learnt is, choose from the best as it is worth your time, money and their efforts. Scroll through the list of 7 major signs that denote why and how you should be choosing an SEO firm for your business.

1. Lower Quotes
Ali, CEO to the Master Google, recently wrote a blog post that denotes that users wanting cheap SEO services will be mostly affected. Although they might see a rise in rankings, the ranking will pretty much receive a sharp drop in a few days. They were hit by Panda and Penguin updates, this is because they decided to go with the cheapest. The point is cheaper SEO firms and their cheap SEO services will do nothing, but provide you with very low quality work. Don’t choose them.

2. Top Ranking Overnight
Any SEO company claiming to attain first page rankings overnight are simply lying to you. It is just not that simple. It would at least take weeks, maybe months before you start seeing results. This is possible only if you are doing good white hat SEO work. Rankings are never guaranteed. The sooner one understands that, the better it is. Someone claiming to guarantee you first page rankings truly are lying. Noting is in their hands. The best policy is to follow Google guidelines.

3. Free Trial
Be more careful from SEO firm and companies who claims to offer free trials for first days or months. They do this to acquire a larger pool of clients in a shorter period of time. In reality, they just want your company information and emails.

4. Hundreds of Back links Instantly
This is yet another huge SEO buster. Do not fall for agencies that promise you huge number of back links within a few months. If you don’t know this already, let us tell you that Google Penguin has been rolled out to take care of this. Spammers are having a bad day due to the Penguin Update. No more spamming and only happy SEO! So either you or your SEO Company didn’t know or didn’t inform you about the penguin update, get updated and start taking measures accordingly.

5. No Questions
What is your goal? Why do you want your site to be SEO’ed are just a few and important questions that good SEO firms care to ask you, because they truly care about your business and want it to succeed. They will work accordingly and help you achieve results that are transparent and effective.

6. Unsolicited Emails
Beware of spammers who might contact you out of nowhere to get your email and wanting to help you grow your business. That is just not the right way. Be more careful working with companies such as these. You might end up losing more that gaining any business.

7. One-Time Fix
It just doesn’t work that way. It’s basically Google’s way or the other way. It’s a continuous process and not just a day’s work. One time work is mostly not true as it doesn’t guarantee results in one day either.

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