Algorithm Updates By YouTube And Google Along With Marketing Stories

Every day significant changes are taking place in the marketing world and keeping up with all of them has become quite a daunting task. But according to the British statesman and politician Winston Churchill, to improve one has to change and to become perfect one must change often.

You can think about the extent to which your marketing can become agile putting your feet in the shoes of a marketer. One of the most important questions is whether or not you are adapting and changing to the search engines and social media updates. Or do you have a trained marketing team to take chances or to experiment which will take you forward. While reading the top five marketing stories these are the questions which you will contemplate in your mind.

“Top Heavy 2” from the land of search engine rolls updates on layout algorithm

There is another new algorithm update by Google as the 4th update in 2 weeks. In the recent changes, Panda update dated September 27 and then EMD update dated September 28 along with October 5th penguin update and now the top heavy is rolled out on October 9th. In case you fail to remember the original update on top heavy, the short and the long of it is the fact that pages with so many ads will be penalized by Google which is otherwise known as the page layout of google algorithm.

Matt Cutts, who is the head of the web spam of the Google team, recently announced that the minor changes will have noticeable affect of 0.7 percent in queries based on English language. It is not very huge alteration which google does not need to be announced. The web masters have been asking consistently for weather reports more frequently. It also relates to the algorithm updates by google. Consequently, Google is also providing information on the updates as promised by them more frequently. In the past 2 weeks, this protocol has played an important role as a challenge which is a great deal for the busy marketers who wishes for keeping up updates with google. You can also read its full story to learn more in detail about the top heavy 2.

The ranking of search algorithms by YouTube changed to focus more engagement, from tech crunch

With the changes made by Google algorithm, the subsidiary of Google and YouTube also went through many changes. The video discovery of YouTube features the videos which are rewarded previously which attracted clicks instead of the time a person takes to watch the full videos. As in this case previously the only factor or metric which is being considered is clicks, only thumbnails and captivating title are needed by the users for being in a good shape. But nowadays the hang time is the judging factor by the users which also means that they will have to push up the value of it along with optimizing for engagement. It seems as if a natural and logical direction for moving forward for YouTube.

For the benefit of the users YouTube is not only changing the algorithm but also they are changing them for making benefits for the advertisers as well. Long time ago whenever you came across interesting thumbnails displayed on YouTube, after clicking on it you would exit out from the video even before the ad started to play. Even then the click was being considered and being counted in favor of that video which substantially leads to increase its ranking. Their contributions for higher ranking however have changed now. The new changes sit on the fact that users are watching those videos and ads in order to push the rank to a higher order. Will that be a smarter update?

6 tips to create marketing culture which is analytic driven, from Marketing Profs

If you are an agile marketer then you should be adapting all the new changes which are related to marketing which are rolling out continuously. If you are not doing so, you are definitely in trouble. Thanks to the inbound marketing where decisions are being driven by the factual data and not based on gut feeling. Analytics which are closely tracked enable efficiency and innovation among a team. Each individual member of the team will be able to grow the curiosity level in them. It will not only build confidence in them but also make them stay and remain accountable which are fact based. That makes up a team every one dreams of.  The 6 excellent tips provided by the MarketingProfs to be considered while managing and hiring your marketing team are to be discussed.

Facebook tests in Pinterest style called collections

Facebook has announced the new testing feature which is called collections. It allows all the marketers for adding “collect” or “want” button for posts of news feed about the products. It sounds a little ridiculously familiar as some other sites of social networking may be doing the same. But Facebook is claiming this new feature is not related to Pinterest. It is a strong win for ecommerce and retail marketers as Facebook is deciding to promote ‘collection’ post to be available in the advertising tools.

User directory launched by Twitter, from the marketing land

The new feature of twitter is Directory. Many people might not have heard of it as it has not been announced officially. When you are logging out in twitter, you can’t help but notice the link present at the footer in the home page of twitter which says ‘directory’. It is a collection of every username existing alphabetically. It exists only for search engines the reason that twitter has not announced till now officially. The main aim was to get more traffic in search engines. The advertising business with twitter is hence increasing. When collection in Facebook and twitter’s directory was introduced the platforms of social media became more mindful as how to leverage advertisers. In this way, the advertisers are getting their cuts by advanced marketing.

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