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Many businesses of small scale that are new to the field of inbound marketing tend to be unaware of the fact that advertisement can be posted for free on Google with the help of Google Places. This unawareness is surprising but true. Google always looks to enhance the value associated with its search results locally along with its application known as Google Maps. Google has found an easy way for organizations for providing them with useful information regarding the business they do. This information is incorporated into search results.

The question is what advantage you can get out of it? It is a simplified method for getting publicity for your business in Google for free. Google Places helps in making your business popular which will lead to increasing the chances for it to appear whenever there are related searches which will eventually lead to more traffic and more customer views are ensured.

Let us take an example where people are in search for hotels located in Boston. In that case he is likely to find the hotel of Boston Harbor ranking number one in the Google places’ search results. In result pages displaying results regarding information about hotel Boston-Harbor is found at the right side of the site. There are reviews, pictures along with other information regarding the hotel and the surrounding area. The step for setup is also quite useful.

So be ready for free advertising on Google.

Step 1. Setting up the account

Go to the link for setting up a business of yours in Google Places where you can click on the button ‘Get Started Now’ present at the bottom of, “Get your business found on Google.”

Your account at google place will get connected to the google accounts. You need to put your phone number and country name here. But make sure that you are providing a valid telephone number so that google place can list up your business number into it which is important. In case people want to contact you they can call you easily.

Once you are done with entering both your information, google will check if that listing is an existing one or not. You can also edit your current listing any time so that it can display new and updated information of your business. In you do not have a listing then you have the option to create it from scratch.

Step 2. Filling information

In case Google Places is unable to identify your business information then you can add it manually online. After you fill up your contact number, google will ask you to enter more information. As soon as you complete filling up the required information, google will generate the displaying look of your advertisement automatically which will include the map images. Make sure that you are satisfied with your listing appearance. Keep your description precise and short like capturing the key aspects and main concepts of your product and services or business. You will be able to add anything to it such as coupon links for the business for capturing the attention of more customers.

By putting the basic information for contacting your business, it enables people to get in touch with you for learning more regarding your business. A large volume of customers can see your listing. So keep in mind that your contact numbers should be updated on a regular basis.

Step 3. Specification of services and their availability

Specifications should be made regarding availability of your services in certain regions or areas. In this way, your business will appear on the map listings. You can also select locations and service covers from which this map will display which are covered by those input options.

Step 4. Specify your time of operation

For effective advertisement in google places another important aspect is the time of your operation of the business. As because most of the people who seek for searching your business would want to know at what time you are open and available and for this reason google will allow you for specifying the information directly in the listing.

Step 5. Specification of payment options

If you are selling your products and services to the customers directly either from in store or from online then you can let your customers know the different forms for payment you are accepting. You can also specify the payment options which can be applied in the following step.

Step 6. Include contents of engaging visuals

If you have any video which explains your business well which can be associated with the brand name of yours then you can add that to your listing in google place to make it eye catching. People respond quicker to visual contents rather than texts. In this way, your marketers will benefit from these visuals in attracting more eyes for viewing your listing which will lead to more traffic in your web site.

Step7. Enter additional information

You can also include additional information which you think is important for potential customers in online retail of your site or at your business place. This information can include various details of your location, detailed information of your products or services. Let your customers know the reason for having a 2nd look on your page is worth enough.

For example, suppose you are selling cell phones and you are having surplus latest versions of iPhones while all local businesses and others are sold out, then you can let your customers know this. In this way, you can get much more business and profit than you have ever thought of.

Step 8. Validate the location of your business

When you are creating your list in Google places for the first time you will have to validate the location of your business. This will help in avoiding fake advertisements and listings. Google will verify your information and will send it to you through postcard. It may be quite inconvenient to wait for 2 to 3 weeks but it ensures safety from spam listings.

By using Google places, Marketers can give all their customers better user experience by providing adequate information which people are looking for. Good luck!

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