A Guide for iPhone Users into Google Maps

Google Maps continues to improve its apps for all users with the new Street View imagery being developed for the iOS 6 users. This is perhaps another reason to pull users of Apple users to Maps to their iPhone or iPad.

Check out some of the features of the Google Maps that are exclusively for mobiles that is on Street View. This is especially useful for those who are interested in using the application on their iPhones for the first time.

  • One can view an entire corpus of the imagery in Street View that is available. This particular application will work beautifully where Street View photography is present.
  • This particular application worked very well where iPhone 4S 3G wireless connection worked.
  • With iPhone 5, it will work even better.

But, in order to access the Street View from Google Maps in your mobile web, you may have to conduct a search in your local zone via a browser and select the map. You can directly enter Google Maps and conduct the search. There will be a bottom bar on the screen that gives options on directions or displays Street View images.

Try touching the icon that says ‘person’ in Street View, it will open a fresh window that will launch the imagery. In this, Street View users that have a 360 degree-view of the place with a feel of walking around and down the street with the help of arrows. This is essentially the similar options given by Google Maps available online.

There are no banners such as ad banners in any of the searches performed. But, such ad banners are almost always present in the Android Maps. It would be inevitable to expect Google to add ad banners in the map search results somewhere on the top.

Are there listings of businesses?

In the map search results page, there is almost always a listing of businesses where one can access the profile pages and get reviews from Zagat.

Gives directions but, no navigation indicating turns

If you are expecting a turn-by-turn navigation, then you will be disappointed. A simple reason is that browsers do not support or cannot show proper turn-by-turn navigation. There may be a technical explanation for this.

However, all users can access the functionality for directions in Google Maps in the mobile web. One can compare this app to the maps app on the iOS 5 before it was introduced to the Apple Maps with the turn-by-turn navigation. Public transportation is also a feature here.

A full-featured web app now available

This Street View within Google Maps is making the world of mobile web richer experience for users than it was before. Compare it to the native map apps that were available on the iOS 5 and one can see the clear advantage that Google Maps gives to iOS home screen users.

One should also note that although, Google apps is most suited for iPhones or iPads or any iOS platform, this app is perfect for smartphones and tablets. Such functionality is also applicable in other software devices such as Kindle Fire that constantly abhor Google Maps in Nokia.

Google Maps is largely influenced by Apple Maps with the introduction of Street View on the mobile web. Consumers are beneficiaries when there is increased competition between two companies like Apple and Google. So, if you are expecting further updates and improvements in applications from Google, it may not be certain as Google is expected to introduce the iOS 6 app in the year.

Such competition in the mobile web world is more than welcome for now, with Google Maps. Google mobile web maps are perhaps the answer to the certain Apple maps crisis that most people are looking for. This will undoubtedly drive new usage with the addition of Street View in the competition.

New and improved mobile web maps are sure to give many iOS 6 users, new reason to use Google maps. Google has certainly made sure that people are happy to have their Google maps back. The world of mobile web will surely anticipate further competition in the world of mobile maps and functionality for all users using all kinds of platforms.

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