7 Answers to the Most Wanted SEO Questions

Where would you find Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz, and Dharmesh Shah, Co-Founder of Hubspot together? At a recently hosted Webinar by them, these two stalwarts were enthralling audiences with their wit as well as giving updates on 2012’s SEO industry. Audiences did not hesitate to throw relevant questions regarding the industry as a result we could capture only a few of them. Some of the relevant and the most significant questions regarding the SEO industry have been frequently asked. Yet, we have managed to capture 7 of the most important questions pertaining to SEO and their answers.

1.     How do I begin with SEO, as a newbie to the SEO industry?

Try starting out with long-tail words or keywords. These are phrases that contain approximately three to four words that can assure you quick wins. By targeting these keywords you may typically observe less search volumes than their head terms and are rarely competitive. For instance, the search yields for the keyword ‘shoes’ may be more successful than ‘new York city shoes’. Due to the specific nature of the long-tail keywords, it is possible for the keywords to direct traffic to them.

Long-tail keywords will help you get the significant traffic that will help you convert audiences into lead that may not be possible through short keywords. In the earlier example, a person searching for shoes will get a thousand results but, ‘new York city shoes’ will appear only in a few that targets this audience looking for this brand.

 2. Rel=Author…. what is the meaning of this term?

A wonderful way of connecting audiences with the author of the page is the term rel=author. In other words, to sift out great authors from SERPs, Google has helped identify relevant authors. Some of the more popular authors use the linking strategy from Google in order to link related pages and get high content rank.

In order to get high rankings, one should employ the markup language that links the Google+ profile and other profile images. You can improve the number of clicks by improving the SERPs. This ensures actual engagement and not simply improving the ranking. In order to take complete advantage of the rel=Author facility, you can try:

  • Creating a Google+ profile that is complete to ensure that the email id and the author email and name match perfectly.
  • Link the profile to your website
  • Indexing of the content may take time but it is useful.

3.     What is the best content for achieving good SEO results?

Most search engine results have the habit of mimicking human behaviour. Your audiences are most likely to search for content based on the results that are most helpful and enjoyable. Such results are shared, bookmarked and read.

Creating content based on the audience’s frame of mind is important. Your content should be framed and focused based upon making your audience happy. Great SEO content is ultimately a result of passion for helping someone and a well finished, well visualised content for the masses.

4.     Can you suggest some local SEO tips?

Search engine results such as Google have helped audiences with immediate answers to their searches in order to ensure happiness. If you have a local business that needs to have leverage you need to ensure that your search engine result appears in the supplementary pages. Offering more content and topics that engage audiences will help you get high search engine results in Google.

Some further information for great SEO local searches are:

  • Try adding your website to the local directories such as the local commerce help page.
  • If possible, you can engage your audiences with intrigue about history or news and events.
  • Try to get reviews from other sites such as the popular Yelp!
  • Yahoo and other sites like Bing have google accounts that are linked, try having accounts with them.
  • Local check-ins and updates can be given on social networking sites such as Facebook.
  • Ensure that your website has a Contact US page that is thorough with address, contact numbers and email ids. A physical map would be useful.
  • Talk online with a superior customer service helpline for your customers.

5.     Can you suggest some different SEO tips that are different from the larger websites?

Most enterprising SEO marketing strategies have more resources engaged with the content and they need not be radically different. Use your resources efficiently in order to have leverage for your business such as:

  • Varied content: Your content need not be entirely textual and can include images, surveys and other visually potent images.
  • Demarcate your content: industry- wise demarcation of the content or other demarcations can help you attract specific SEO results.
  • Thought leadership should be encourages through multiple topic contributors and authors.
  • Ensure that the speed of your website continues to improve as most searchers do not enjoy surfing slower websites.

6.     Are there any best practices to ensure link building that is through pay-it-forward?

Fostering good relationships can be done only through good link building. Excellent content rocks when it is linked with fellow blogposts and updates. Share a snippet of your comments with other blog posts are you are sure to have a good search engine result along with building a good relationship with high quality masters of the web.

7.     How will avoid ‘sketchy’ tactics for SEO?

In order to get great SEO results, you could avoid making some SEO steps that could lead to slower SEO results, such as:

  • Stuffing your content with too many keywords or URLs.
  • Too many tags for your blogs.
  • Showing links that are bought.
  • Adding names related to the business to local directories, aggressively.
  • Reducing content that is low quality
  • Using the strategy of ‘white-on-white’ texting for stuffing keywords and in order to ensure linking.

There are several ways to ensure better results for SEO strategies.  There are several guides that will help you build links along with ensuring the success of your social media strategies.

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