3 Tips Every Newbie Blogger Should Know to Improve SEO with Long Tail Keywords

SEO is a common word and in fact a very familiar word for those looking for hints, tricks and techniques to gain immense traffic on their website. SEO is basically a short form used for  search engine optimization. This term mainly refers to a process which helps in gaining as well as improving the visibility of your website in various prominent search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The whole process of searching starts with a keyword which one types in the search engine. The ranking of your website on a search engine depends on the level of optimization of the keyword in a specific content. Optimization level of the content magnifies the possibility of getting place on the first page of Google search results.

The keywords consisting of one or two words face the toughest competition in getting a rank in the search results of the searching engines. Such keywords have already been used by various popular and established websites since a long time. The popularity of the established websites hamper the possibility of new websites to get good ranks in the search engine results to a large extent. This is the primary reason why the use of long tail keywords is considered to be the best alternative to get a place for your website in the top pages of search engines. The success of the long tail keywords in gaining traffic for your website lies in its quality of being less competitive.

Long Tail Keywords can be called as key phrases which consist of more than two words in a phrase and point to a selected set of audience. Long tail keywords are comparatively less competitive and attract less traffic than generic keywords. However, the best part is that long tail keywords help in gaining high quality traffic for your website.  High quality traffic also helps in getting more conversions because it shows the exact thing a person looks for in the result as it focuses a lot on the keywords entered in the search box.

On top of these, the release of Panda Update and Google Penguin by one of search engine giant Google itself had a great impact on the ranking of the websites. Both the algorithms mainly aimed to pull down the rank of the websites making use of techniques like black hat seo. Some other techniques used by people to get better rankings for their websites like keyword stuffing, creating duplicate content and involvement in various link building strategies were also targeted by Google.

To achieve high ranks for one’s website on Google was not tough in the past as it has become these days. This is the major reason for which you should always apply the right techniques and make this task a simple mechanism. All this can be achieved by using long tail keywords. With this, you can easily score a rank in search engine’s first pages which attract a heavy traffic.

1.  Make the right Choice of Long Tail Keywords

The first thing to decide before writing a unique content is to select the right keyword phrase. This process plays a pivotal role in improving the ranking of your website by increasing its visibility in search engines.  It is always suggested to select less competitive keywords, but you should take care to make a good amount of global searches on a monthly basis. For this, the best recommended tool is Google Adwords’ Keyword Tool. The best part of this tool is that it’s available free of cost.

On a whole, it has been seen that a less competitive keyword has higher chances of getting place on the first pages of the search results of the various search engines. A long tail keyword does not require it to be very large however; it should be long enough to be optimized in a specific content

2.  Select the Right Keyword Placement

The way long tail keywords are placed with a website plays a pivotal role in showing the prominence of the website in the search engine results. Flabbily structured keyword placement can even become the primary reason for the rejection of your website and can land your business in a big loss.

The right placement of keywords mainly refers to placing your long tail keywords in title tags, 404 pages, description tags, page addresses, sub headings and link and anchor texts.  It also includes the content of the page targeted for a specific keyword.

3.  Build Quality Relevant Backlinks

The most effective way used by the search engines for indexing a page in their top ten results of a specific set of keywords is the number of pages linked to your content. It is considered to be an effective way as it clearly reflects the trust of the readers on you and your content. The higher number of pages linked to your content clearly shows that the readers found your content informative as well as valuable for linking it with other pages.

As the success of a politician in an election is decided by the number of votes he gets, in the same way, the number of pages linked to your content shows the trust of the people for your content.

So, the most important thing is to write a valuable and an interesting content as it helps in gaining backlinks from several quality sources. This strategy not only helps in getting good ranks, but also helps in attracting high targeted traffic, and exposure on another audience for your content.

So, usage of long tail keywords carries high potential of giving you a high quality traffic and help in getting good ranks on search engines. It is significant for improving the SEO of your content as search engines comprise of more than 85% of the total traffic on the internet.

Generic keywords are highly competitive and mainly experts can apply certain sure-fire techniques to get high ranks for such keywords. So, it’s better to opt for long tail keywords as those are not only less competitive, but also help in getting a refined traffic for your website from a targeted audience.

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