10 Tips for Writing Good Ads for Google AdWords

Writing good and quality ad texts is a significant art form in itself. To make the users of Google click on the specific ad you will have to convince them. For this you need to be very precise and clear about what you are writing. In order to get qualified traffic and not just clicks, the writer has to make extra efforts from choosing the right keywords to make right settings for campaigning.

Qualified traffic refers to making a purchase or signing up for any newsletter or the fulfillment of your ad’s aim. Along with qualified traffic, the ad should be able to discourage those people or customers who are ignoring to click on your ads. As you have to pay Google for every click you must try for the maximum profitability possible while using the Google AdWords. The key for high clicks is precise and clear ads through conversion rate. Here are 10 helpful tips to keep in mind while writing your ads for Google AdWords.

1. Target group

First you should be clear about whom you are writing for. In other words, who your target people are? Usually, writers are acknowledged about this as it is being reflected in your website. Let us take an example of selling toys designed for kids between the age group of 0-6 years of age. For this you should consider these following questions:

  • Whether to target the parents of the kids or not
  • Marketing strategies such as selling the toys of high quality in high price.
  • Whether to go for ecological toys to weigh it high among a limited segment

Keeping all the above questions are very important before starting the writing work especially about who are you writing for.

2. Correct keyword

Using proper keyword for the ad group is important. It includes the heading, ad text, and displayed URL.

This ensures that the level of relevance maintained is always high in the eyes of Google or any other search engine. The search results of Google highlights those keywords that have been searched by the user and thus the one who searches for your ad will easily find it through relevant sources.

3. A catchy and precise headline could do the trick

If your headline is catchy, it will help you gain the attention of the customers. Try to get in the shoes of the customers. Why has the keyword been typed? What expectations are there from the search? And the reasons for them choosing your ad from the numerous other ads featured in the related searches. Use all possible 25 characters when you are writing headlines.

“Call-to-action” could be a nice idea to begin with for example; “Buy” but make sure you have enough room for describing your service or product accurately in the remaining 21 characters.

4. Lines of description.

2 lines are what you have to win over customers and make them buy your product or choose your service.

Splitting the text of your ad into at least two separate sentences can be effective. Sentences shouldn’t be too long.  There are 2 ways used by Google to display your ad.  Firstly, there is a tendency that the meaning of the ad might be lost if written by splitting it into 2 sentences.

5.  Correct English should be used

Do not use strange abbreviations or contractions, because it may hamper the quality of your post. The text should make sense. Just remember you will only have few seconds to catch the attention of the searcher.

6. Be honest- it’s the best way to get traffic

The best way to get more traffic is to be honest. For example- if you do not supply market’s cheapest tiers, then it is recommended not to say so. Two important reasons for not saying say-

A)     You may lose money- Each and every click you receive in the Google AdWords will cost you money. Getting unwanted visitors to the site will be costly for you.

B)     Customers build an expectation in mind and if you don’t fulfill it they will be unsatisfied. Then they may not get interested in buying anything from the site.

Another important thing is that the only thing to offer in the landing page of ad is about honesty, and it should always be kept in mind. Suppose if one offers good selection of t-shirts then the customer is required to land on that page where all the t-shirts are shown. And if you offer certain DVD player at a specific price then customers are needed to go on that specific page where all the DVD players are shown along with their price or cost.

7. Use of product price to get qualified traffic in the ad

You can use the price of product to be sold in your ad which works excellently in getting qualified traffic. It also helps in scaring the discount hunters. For example, if one product costs $99 unlike all other products which are priced at $199 and above then you should mention ‘toys available from $199 in the ad in case you are sure that the product costing 99 dollars is not the most demanded one. One important thing to remember is that you are supposed to attract the buyers and not the visitors.

8. What best you can offer in your ad for the customer?

For doing business, market positioning plays an important role. In case of online marketing, it becomes more vital as only text and pictures are available in your site to last an impression on the customer’s mind about the product and the services. You have to explain specific benefits which you are offering to potential customers as well. For example, it includes low prices, large selection, fast delivery, free shipping, personal services, experience, and benefits of offers, discounts and savings with tags like earn money while shopping with us, get stronger, save time etc.

9. Use “call to action”

Use action words and a slight sense of quickness and emergency. People searching for online products are generally in a mode to gather more and more information. Action words transform it to buying mode. You can use action words such as buy, get or purchase, order, sign up or call, download or try, read more or see info here, view of latest models, color variants, reserve or book your issue.

You can build that sense of urgency by words like limited offer, buy now, stocks lasts till etc.

10. Good display of URL in your ad

The domain name which is displayed in the URL can work best to the potential customers. People generally click more to explore more about related information as well such as words having synonym of keywords.

Testing is everything

After following the above mentioned tips, you may test your ad in Google Adword to know whether it suits your business. After getting around 100 clicks for say two ads you will be able to make out the statistics of performance. You can also make add-ons and new variants to make it more successful.

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